Кресла для Актовых и Конференц-залов

Кресла для Актовых и Конференц-залов

Кресла для Актовых и Конференц-залов

Кресла для Актовых и Конференц-залов

Public seating

The company "Єврокрісла"offers a wide range of solutions for equipment for chairs for conference rooms, chairs for the assembly hall, chairs for classrooms. In the assortment an armchair with a folding table, armchairs with a music stand. Models of armchairs, beginning from classics, finishing with designer non-standard solutions of specialists of the European partner factory.

The quality of the supplied product is confirmed by euro certificates, corresponding to fire regulations, acoustic requirements, as well as positive feedback and high customer ratings.

We are attentive to our customers and offer them free services:

  Full professional advice on the hall of any type;

  Project development by the factory architect.

Seating for acting and conference hall

Each successful company, in its daily work holds all kinds of meetings and conferences. As a rule, a special room in the office is provided for this, which is equipped with appropriate furniture.
The main element of conference rooms, meeting rooms are chairs for conference-hall, because, often, conferences and meetings are held for a long time.
We offer a wide choice of chairs of various modifications for conference rooms. The design of the chairs provides for special folding tables (stands) for the possibility of keeping records. The configuration of the seats is designed in such a way that it allows you to sit comfortably on it even for a long time.
Modern educational institutions require the latest advanced equipment of their classrooms. This applies not only to all kinds of computer equipment for training, but also directly to equip furniture, armchairs for audiences. The requirements for chairs for educational institutions and audiences are very high, which is dictated by the concern for the comfort and convenience of the person. Sitting in a comfortable ergonomic chair, even after several hours, a person will not feel tired.
We bring to your attention modern reliable and durable armchairs for audiences. The functionality of the chairs is determined by a well-thought-out configuration, as well as the use of shock-resistant modern materials in the production. A wide range of upholstery materials will help you create the necessary working and creative atmosphere at the school.
The modern entertainment industry offers us a wide range of different cognitive, entertaining and educational programs. Among them, one of the most exciting and fascinating is the journey into the cosmos world in the modern planetarium. What could be more interesting than traveling in the interstellar space! In order to make this trip the most comfortable, the most important role is played by the seats in which the spectators are sitting. We offer chairs for the planetarium, which meet all the requirements of a modern entertainment complex. In the design of the seats provides the ability to change the angle of the backrest, a specialized headrest for the convenience of the viewer, comfortable handles. The reliability and durability of our seats is due to the use of modern materials and technologies in their production.
The assembly hall is the face of the company. Here they hold all the festive events, invite guests to anniversaries, organize various meetings. Armchairs for the equipment of assembly halls should be reliable, durable, safe, comfortable and modern. We offer a large selection of chairs for assembly halls. Various configurations with additional options, such as armrests, headrests, folding tables (lecterns), all this will allow you to choose chairs for your assembly hall to make it the most comfortable, cozy, expressing the spirit of your company.
Each school, whether it be a school, college or university, strives to create the most comfortable conditions for teaching its students.

The leading role in the organization of the educational process is played by the arrangement of classrooms with modern ergonomic safety seats.

A comfortable chair in the classroom - locking successful studies.
We offer chairs for classrooms that meet all standards of safety, quality and comfort.

A wide range of models, a variety of color and design solutions will allow you to equip a classroom in a modern style.