Transformable halls


Public seating

The company «Єврокрісла»offers the most diverse solutions for your transformable, multifunctional hall. Among the possible options are mobile armchairs, stackable armchairs, retractable sections of the armchairs, armchairs with a lowering mechanism. Also, for the equipment of transformable halls, the company «Єврокрісла» offers modern world technology: Telescopic tribunes.

The quality of the supplied product is evidenced by euro certificates, corresponding to fire regulations, acoustic requirements, as well as positive feedback and high customer ratings.

We are attentive to our customers and offer them free services:

    Full professional advice on the hall of any type;

   Develop a project by the factory architect.

Mobile solutions

Stackable / Mobile seat sections

The seat is fixed to a reliable and practical steel structure, which allows you to move the visual places.

Steel construction is equipped with non-slip material for maximum safety. Various options are available from one landing meta to four.

Telescopic stands

Micra and Micra TEK are suitable for all types of projects with sliding seats. The factory offers both seats for telescopic stands, as well as individual solutions for telescopic constructions, both with an electric mechanism and a manual mechanism.

In accordance with the requirements of the project, the Micra chair adapts to the project taking into account any variants and modifications of the specialized model.

Seat sections with lowering mechanism

The lowering system with a folding mechanism allows completely to free the space of the viewing area. Armchairs are lowered into the front, or folded into the depth of the flooring with the top deck.

This modification of the seats makes it possible to minimize the space for the installation / storage of the seats in the folded form when using the telescopic tribunes in the design. This innovative system is available with both manual and automatic folding.

In modern halls, the sections with the lowering mechanism are used for the first rows of the visual zone in order to change the functional of this zone for various activities.

Extendable sections of armchairs

The chair factory offers its customers to use the most modern world technologies for equipping their multifunctional auditoriums.

The proposed system makes it possible the movement of sections / seats, thereby preserving key areas in multipurpose halls, for example space (spectator zone) near the stage, etc., in order to make the most efficient use of the existing space.

The chairs move inside (under the stage) and are stored there, and if necessary return to their seats.

To solve such problems, the factory offers a special model range of MICRA and MICRA TEK armchairs with various variants of configuration and modification, depending on the hall parameters and customer requirements.

This technology, as well as the previous one, is a frequent alternative to the variant of telescopic stands.


This innovative and sophisticated system allows you to keep the seats under the floor with a full automatic turn, with the seats turning 180 ° relative to their initial position in which they were used by the audience.

This modern system allows the most efficient use of existing space.

Variants of telescoping stands