Furniture for Cafe, Bar, Restaurant

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Upholstered furniture

The company "Єврокрісла" offers the most diverse solutions for Cafe, Bar, Restaurant starting from the classics, ending with the design solutions of the specialists of the European partner factory.

The quality of the delivered goods is confirmed by positive reviews and high customer ratings.

We are attentive to our customers and offer them to use our additional services:

  Full professional advice on the hall of any type;

  Project development by the architect of the factory.

Armchairs / Sofas for cafe, bar, restaurant

Upholstered furniture for cafes - one of the most important attributes of a comfortable, cozy atmosphere of public institutions.
The company "Єврокрісла" offers a wide range of upholstered furniture for cafes, bars, restaurants. Here you can choose soft comfortable sofas of various sizes, configurations, colors. We offer both straight sofas and corner sofas, armchairs of various styles.
Our designer will help you with the choice of models of upholstered furniture, make a project for your cafe, bar, restaurant.
In the production of upholstered furniture for cafes, high-quality, reliable materials are used, which will extend the life of sofas and chairs for many years.
On our site are presented both the models of own production of the factory of theater chairs, and the best models from the design studio. Here you will find sofas, chairs, armchairs, metal frame loft furniture, as well as all sorts of accessories.
The company "Єврокрісла" offers to buy upholstered furniture for the bar.
A variety of models of armchairs, sofas, soft corners offered by us can satisfy the most demanding client.
The range of products we offer includes armchairs and sofas for a bar of various styles: classical, universal, minimalist, LOFT.
We offer various upholstery options: from high-quality fabric to natural leather. A wide choice of colors will allow you to choose chairs and sofas that will create a unique individual style of the bar, cafe, restaurant.
If you need unique bar furniture, and you could not find in our catalog a model that is suitable in size or design, then experienced specialists are ready to make any exclusive according to the wishes of the client.
Upholstered furniture for a restaurant must respond to many requirements, including: comfort, ergonomics, aesthetic appearance and durability.
The company "Єврокрісла"offers a large assortment of upholstered furniture for restaurants that fully responds to these requirements.
Buying from us upholstered furniture for the restaurant, you can choose sofas and armchairs of various styles, shapes and colors.
All upholstered furniture for restaurants is made on high-tech factory equipment using high-quality materials.
All furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars and canteens have high performance features and special characteristics of the industry.
At its production wear-resistant materials and the thought-over design providing ergonomics and mechanical durability of all elements are used. The quality of our furniture is confirmed by numerous positive feedback from our customers.
A modern night club is, of course, a place for young people to relax. The atmosphere of a nightclub implies brilliance, elegance, and brightness. This atmosphere should match the furniture for the nightclub.
The company "Єврокрісла" offers you a wide variety of sofas and chairs for a nightclub. Among them, both the sofas of classical form and color, and the sofas of the design construction. Various options for modular designs of upholstered furniture
will allow you to effectively use the entire space of the club space.
A wide range of upholstery materials will make your nightclub unforgettable.
We will offer not only to make furniture for the club, which will organically fit into the design of the institution, we will think over everything to the smallest detail. If it is furniture for a nightclub, then we will pay special attention to the design of the armrests and the back. They often sit on active customers, which means that there is a high risk of rapid wear.
Upholstered furniture for the lobby, hall helps to create a comfortable atmosphere, brighten up the waiting time. High-quality comfortable furniture for the lobby and hallreflects the company's concern for its customers.
In the manufacture of upholstered furniture, high-quality materials are used, since the furniture for the foyer and hall is exposed to intense pressure during use.
The company "Evrokrisla" offers upholstered furniture for the lobby, hall on a solid wooden and metal frame. In the manufacture of sofas used high-strength wear-resistant upholstery materials (specialized furniture fabrics, leatherette, genuine leather).
Many auditoriums, stadiums have a separate specially equipped VIP-zone or FAN-zone. Requirements for upholstered furniture for arranging such zones are special.
Upholstered furniture, chairs for VIP-zones and FAN-zones should have increased comfort, convenience and, in addition, have high strength, wear-resistant characteristics.
The company "Єврокрісла"offers to your attention a wide range of chairs for FAN-zones, upholstered furniture, sofas and chairs for VIP-zones.
All furniture is made on high-tech equipment, using the most modern high-quality materials.
The quality of our products is confirmed by euro certificates that comply with current technical standards.