New Horse Manege.

04 Mar 2018

In the autumn of 2017, the spectators' stands of the equestrian arena were installed in Koryukovka (Chernihiv region, Ukraine). 300 pcs. modern seats for stadiums, model ES700 of European production were Installed.

Koryukov Equestrian Manege occupies a leading place among equestrian sports complexes by technologies developed and implemented in Ukraine today.

Due to the high competence of the general contractor in the design, construction, manufacture of horse riding for walks, the customer managed to obtain not only a reliable design, but also a modern design.

At present, horse riding in Ukraine is becoming popular, equestrian sport is very actively developing and popularized, and as a result there are a large number of equestrian clubs, horse-riding schools for children are opened.

In addition, ecotourism is developing rapidly, and in this connection, there is a growth and increased demand for services of equestrian sports complexes: horseback riding, hippotherapy (a method of horse riding).

Horse riding - one of the main structures of any equestrian complex. A serious and balanced approach is always required in the construction of equestrian arenas.

The chairs for the sports stand installed in the new equestrian arena in Koryukovka, Chernihiv Oblast, can be used not only in closed sports complexes, but also in open stadiums. The technical parameters of the seats allow to operate them at moisture drops (rain, snow, fog), in a wide range of atmospheric temperatures.

The structural feature of the seats for sports stands are the specialized materials used for their production. This is a reliable and shockproof high-density polypropylene, almost no metal parts, hidden fastening elements.