Modern seats for cinema

07 Jan 2018

Carefully looking closely at the updated model range of armchairs for cinemas, the idea arises that somewhere I have already seen a similar design among the world's leaders in automotive production.
Modern chairs for cinemas in their appearance, design features, technical parameters are very close to car seats. And this is not surprising, because car seats have very high parameters of strength, reliability and convenience due to the peculiarities of their operation.
Manufacturers of modern armchairs for cinemas, movie theaters also use the most modern innovative technologies in the manufacture of seats for auditoriums.
The company "Єврокріса" has essentially expanded a lineup of armchairs for cinemas.
Among the modern models there are the DIAMOND-V05 and RUBY-V09.
These chairs for cinemas are representatives of a series of premium cinema theats. In the production of armchairs used materials of the highest quality - high strength polypropylene for load-bearing structures, foamed polyurethane, which has high fireproof properties for the soft part of the chairs, upholstery fabrics of high strength and lightfastness.
The DIAMOND-V05 and RUBY-V09 chairs are ideal for equipment of elite cinemas, VIP-zone, multifunctional halls.