1. How to calculate the cost of seats for the hall?

The cost of chairs for the hall is calculated on the basis of the project, the corresponding arrangement of chairs on the floor plan, taking into account all the features and requirements of the client. The project of placement of chairs is developed by the architect of the factory and sent for approval to the customer. Based on the obtained number of seats, as well as the necessary additional options, the total cost of the project is calculated. The price also includes the delivery and installation of products. Shipping cost is calculated on the basis of transport weight and production volume, which affects the selected model of seats and their number, and the distance from the warehouse to the customer's object.

2. Does the cost of seats depend on the material and color of the upholstery?

The cost of the seats depends on the upholstery material, since different upholstery materials have a different price category. As a rule, the cost of the chair does not depend on the color of the selected material. In the production price lists the cost of the seats in various upholstery materials.

3. How to find out what additional options are needed for the chair?

As a rule, the customer chooses additional options (numbering of rows, chairs, armrest material, table lecterns, headrests) based on their requirements. Those options that are necessary for the proper implementation of the project (additional side racks, for example) are calculated when designing the project hall.