60-62 cm seat centres 84 cm depth 110 cm height

Completely upholstered by means of a fabric cover, made up of an open cell polyurethane foam block and a beech solid wood frame with thin canvas strips. All this structure is protected by an upholstered wood cover. Foam density, 40 Kg/m³

Cold moulded polyurethane foam ‘UNIBLOCK 2’ system, which wraps an injected polypropylene frame completely. All this structure is protected by a texturized injected polypropylene seat shell. Optional headrest with seat shell. Polyurethane density 55 Kg/m³

Side panel
Texturized injected polypropylene, 80mm End row panels completely upholstered. Concelaed floor fixation system.

Texturized injected polypropylene, including integrated cupholder.

Volume:  0.185 m³

Weight:  19.50 Kg

Size range